Interest In Pinterest

What is Pinterest

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Pinterest in a rapid succession increased the user base to become a member of the coveted top ten social-media sites with the most daily visitors. With 70% of women users and strong retail interest, Pinterest can be described as sell-all-to-all marketing tool. However, from the research done, it appears that retail sales and women buyers take a lead with items such such wedding gifts, or anniversary items. Therefore, this situation creates certain affiliations of business niches that can prosper here.

In addition,  Pinterest and ecommerce platform Shopify have joined forces to make it easier for businesses to sell through the Pinterest platform. This new method, called “Buyable Pins” cuts down on the checkout steps for your customers and integrates nifty tracking elements for maintaining a well informed company. 

Pinterest and Marketing

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Marketing in Pinterest uses the concept of a bulletin board where businesses and entrepreneurs advertise their services with pins. Pins are tacked to the board where visitors can see and review services, events, or ideas.This concept is nothing new, what is new is that instead of few local visitors the pins can be seen by thousands and millions viewers. Nice and well designed pins win the attraction game by a large number of "saves". A save equals to a vote for your pin.

How many people saved your pin determines Pinterest's ranking. So, it is conceivable that well liked pins can stay on top and above other pins in some category. That way, attraction works its magic of numbers creating more visitors that can be invited to your product line.  

Traffic from Pinterest

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From the point of view of online marketing it is important to consider business pins as potential links to your business site. Each pin posted by you can be linked to your website where more details can be offered to a viewer that leads to purchasing a product or services. For this seasons, PInterest may be considered must-do-marketing for your business, depending on the business type or product line.


Promoted Pins are just like regular pins, only you pay to have them seen by more people. These ads perform just as well—if not better—than your other pins, helping people discover and save ideas. Encouraging immediate action with Buyable Pins, which let people purchase your products without ever leaving Pinterest, is added bonus of shopping on PInterest.

Ads Features


Pinterest provides several ad tracking and performance features that can give insights into how well the advertising campaign is performing. It should be noted that creating successful ad campaign is not one day deal. It takes some time to discover the niche related characteristics of some business. With the number of followers growing it may take several weeks to accumulate audience and then provide the basis of the linked business profile.

Niche Considerations


Pinterest being predominantly retail selling and buying can also provide some value for more technical businesses, such as house design, or interior design. The benefit would include focused and targeted traffic to the business' niche website that comes from followers and the links from pins. Then, as the theory goes, the traffic conversion can take place and provide the biases for leads and sales. 

Is it worth it?


On Pinterest, as well as elsewhere, targeted ad campaigns have their costs. The main reason Pinterest is worthwhile for your online leads is because it’s the second leading social media source for sending traffic to your website.

In comparison, Facebook has been known to drastically discount businesses when they post on the platform, pushing them to pay for ad space. Pinterest, on the other hand, is all about bringing together excited consumers and the businesses that provide cool products.  That’s why the average amount spent per order is higher on Pinterest than any other social media channel. A higher average over value on PInterest is considered the best metric to base your social strategy on. 


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