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Our Design Services:

House Plan Elevations

Our Optimal Design Services include
: Free Initial Consultation

  • Site plan, soil grading and drainage plans.
  • New house construction design plans, existing home improvements, remodeling, house additions.
  • Update to existing house plans with the city/county compliance.
  • Interior design and synergy enhancements with stained glass artworks (La Lumiere).
  • Tenant improvements for business expansion, office additions, space planning, utilities drawings.
  • Provide Title 24 Energy Specifications drawings. 
  • Provide MEP drawings (mechanical, electrical and plumbing).
  • Green building design with Solar panels layouts, carport canopies, roof or ground mounted.
  • CAD drafting and outsourcing services, 3D design renderings, customer presentations, blueprint plans.
  • We can submit the plans to the building and planning departments to ensure code compliance and planning guidance for our clients. See more in Articles. 

Sonoma, Napa, Santa Rosa Services:

We now offer our Services in Sonoma, Napa and Sana Rosa. Free Initial Consultation.

Free Initial Consultation

Custom House Plans

House Plans

Custom house plans and designs, implementing space planning.

Esthetic Elevation Improvement

House elevations

House elevations done to specifications and code requirements.

Construction administration

Construction administration

Building construction administration according to plans with utilities specs, and drawings.

Grading design and administration

Grading design and administration

Exterior space planning with code requirements for fire access and setback offsets.

Drainage design and management

Drainage design and management

Drainage system built according to civil drawings.

Interior design

skylight glass panel

Interior detailing, interior enhancements with stained glass panels, vitrages, or visual elements; See more in Interior Design.