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Residential solar

The number of solar jobs in the U.S. fell last year (2017) for the first time since 2010, but "Arizona bucked the trend and remained one of the biggest states in the country for solar jobs, a new report says."

The Solar Foundation’s annual Solar Census, released Wednesday, said jobs in Arizona grew 15 percent, to 8,381 positions, with most of those in the business of solar power installation.

Much of the drop in solar jobs in 2016-2017 could be attributed to the two states with the most solar jobs: California, which lost almost 14,000 jobs in the year, and Massachusetts, which shed more than 3,000. 

We design solar panels layouts for residential projects, roof or ground mounted. Contact us for more info..

Solar Farm

Solar Farm layout

Determining the size of your solar energy system starts with how many solar panels are needed for a home. The first step is determining what size solar system will produce enough power to meet a household consumption levels. That means how many kilowatt hours of power will be needed and finding the correct system size and number of solar panels.

On average, if one kWh is 1,000 watts of power being used in an hour. According to the latest data from the U.S Energy Information Administration, in 2016 the average American household used 897 kWh per month. In other words, the average American household consumes just under 11,000 kWh per year. 

In Optimal Design Studio we can design layouts for residential as well as commercial medium size solar projects  and panel arrays.

Roof Mounted Arrays

Roof Mounted Array

One of the largest areas of innovation within solar involves the mounting system, either roof or ground mounted. Mounting systems are an important element of solar arrays as they secure solar panels to the roof or the ground. 

There are several basic categories of roof-mounted solar systems.  When it comes to residential solar installations, solar panels arrays are often found on sloped rooftops. There are several mounting system options for these angled roofs, with the most common being railed, rail-less and shared rail. All of these systems require some type of penetration or anchoring into the roof, whether that’s attaching to rafters or directly to the decking. 

We can explore and design the different ground-mounted systems, including carports canopies and tracking systems.

Large Solar System

Large Solar System

Large solar panel system, warehouse roof mounted.

Solar Canopies


Solar carport canopies planning and drawings.

Large Solar Project


Large solar panel farm for commercial use.

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