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Feb 20, 2019

Best Solar Companies in California - A rating list and 2019 scores for the solar companies.  This list is composed based on users reviews.  "With so many solar energy companies out there, it can be difficult to know which one provides the most value for you as a consumer. That's why we've done the hard research—so you don't have to. " This system of rating is based on how many reviews of the company are available. The top scores are usually companies with multiple reviews.

Nov 4, 2018 

The number of solar jobs in the U.S. fell last year (2017) for the first time since 2010, but "Arizona bucked the trend and remained one of the biggest states in the country for solar jobs, a new report says."

The Solar Foundation’s annual Solar Census, released Wednesday, said jobs in Arizona grew 15 percent, to 8,381 positions, with most of those in the business of solar power installation. We design solar panels layouts for residential projects, roof or ground mounted. Contact us for more info..

Apr 16, 2018
Have you ever wondered what happens to a new business website? How is it rated and how does it score in the search results? Some mystery remains. "The Google Sandbox is an alleged filter placed on new websites. It is an alleged filter, because the full description and its existence is not disclosed by Google. So, this is the area of SEO (search engine optimization) that uses reverse engineering and inductive reasoning that proceeds from the results towards formulation of the underlying principle." Read more in Google Sandbox..

Mar 20, 2018  
Since several years now, online business directories listings play a prominent role in online business presence. For the starters it suffice to say that those directories amount to 64, 100, or even more websites where your business can be listed with the data provided by you such as name of business, address, hours of operation, short description..., read more in Business Lists..

Feb 4, 2018
We're now on Cylix.com, a professional, comprehensive and free business listing. See our Profile, write a review.

Jan 19, 2018
Soon Optimal Design Studio will introduce a new Service: House Plans for Sale. This will make available pre designed plans of houses, floor plans and elevations for purchase online. Please check with us for details as that becomes available. 

Optimal Design has successfully worked on hundreds of client projects around the world and has developed outsourcing process. In our business we create measurable value for customers and other stakeholders by delivering outcomes that satisfy their particular needs and expectations in our design services.

Major House Remodeling and Addition. See our Profile.

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