About Us

Our Pro Design Team



  • Our experienced house and office design team first started in Cupertino, CA, in 1996. House design profession and CAD design was just starting then and we had much to learn. Over the years we worked on variety of projects, modern houses, green buildings, classical house forms, and 3D modeling. We're capable to deliver quality professional designs, floor plans, drafting, and 3D presentation services that reflect your needs and expectations for a house addition, remodeling or interior design. See more in Portfolio.

Design Project and Savings



  • In our Services we offer optimal house and office improvement designs that can reduce the costs of drafting services. We can help you with design decisions for your house every step on the way to improve the market value. We also offer workspace office planning and office space visualisation modeling to improve psychological and visual effects. It's important to us to deliver on the contractual expectations and provide lasting value to customers.

Complete Submittal Process



  • Starting with a Free Initial Consultation, we go through the design steps that are clearly stated and known upfront. We deliver a complete set of blueprint plans and we pay particular attention to customer satisfaction and understanding of the design end product. Our design goals are successful projects reviews and submittal to the city, or county planning department. See more in Gallery.